Standing Rules


  1. The Treasurer’s Report of show income/expenses is due within 30 days of the show, with appropriate input from the Show Secretary.  (Passed 4/10/04 by BOD)
  2. No personal checks will be accepted from any person that has given two or more insufficient funds checks to FPHC in any given year.  (Passed 4/10/04 by BOD)
  3. All candidates for office of any position of FPHC must consent and be an FPHC & APHA member in good standing.  (Passed 4/10/04 by BOD)
  4. Any member may be suspended and denied privileges of the FPHC and the Board of Directors for failure to pay, when due, any obligation owing to the Club.  (Passed 3/10/05 by BOD)
    a. Furthermore, If FPHC receives a fine from APHA or PtHA due to an exhibitor not paying national membership fees, then they may not show with FPHC until the club is reimbursed for the fine.  (Passed 2/18/15 by BOD)
  5. FPHC Year End Awards Requirements: (Passed 3/10/05 by BOD)
    a. Owner of the horse must be a paid member in good standing with FPHC and APHA.  Membership dues must be paid by March 31st to qualify for FPHC year end points to count, beginning January 2008. (Amended 2/25/06 by BOD) (Amended 4/28/07 by BOD)
    b. All ownership requirements set forth by the APHA for Youth or Amateur competitors will be observed by FPHC.
    c. Any conflict of the rules for year end points will be settled by the Board of Directors.
    d. To be eligible for a year-end award, the horse must be shown under 50% plus one of the
    judges. This specified number applies to each category, such as Open, Youth, Amateur and Novice. 
    e. In case of a tie for year-end awards, two awards will be presented as “Co-Champion” and “Reserve Co-Champion,” whichever the case may be.
    f. FPHC points will be awarded in the following manner: 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    g. For all FPHC shows, horse/exhibitor combination must show in one halter class and one performance class to qualify for high point awards.  (Passed 1/27/07 by BOD)
  6. For all special events that involve budgeted funds, there will be a preliminary budget 30 days prior to event and a final report of income/expenses 30 days after the event, to be presented to the Board of Directors for review.  (Passed 3/10/05 by BOD)
  7. The Florida Paint Horse Club will file their annual corporate taxes each year in a timely manner.  (Passed 10/01/05 by BOD)
  8. The Florida Paint Horse Club will obtain Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions Insurance on an annual basis.  (Passed 04/29/06 by BOD)
  9. An internal audit of the bank accounts will be completed each January by three Board members that are not current signatories on the account.  (Passed 1/27/07 by BOD)
  10. To be eligible for prizes or awards, such as highpoint), membership forms and checks must be turned in with entries before the horse is shown.  (Passed 2/18/15 by BOD)